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briefly introduce the production method of PU synthetic leather

PU synthetic leather production methods can be divided into dry, wet and condensed Xu Fu method three. Dry method (also called coating method): The PU resin is formulated into a sol with a certain solid content and a certain viscosity, coated on a release paper as a carrier, and passed through an oven to control a certain temperature, speed, and other process conditions.
The solvent is volatilized to form a film. After being coated with an adhesive layer, the adhesive layer is combined with the backing fabric, dried, cured, cooled and then peeled off from the release paper. Finally, a dry process PU synthetic leather is obtained through a printing process and the like, and the release paper experience paper machine is obtained. After rewinding, it can be reused. Wet method: The base cloth is directly immersed in the prepared PU resin, and then it is washed and solidified with a 25% aqueous solution of dimethylformamide, then washedwith hot water, and finally dried and post-treated to obtain wet PU. Synthetic Leather. Condensation coating method: The base fabric is impregnated into a PU resin and then washed and cured, and then coated with a resin and post-treated to obtain a PU coating synthetic leather.
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