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together to know what is the ultra-fiber PU leather?

The full name of the microfiber leather is “Microfiber reinforced PU leather”, and the microfiber PU synthetic leather represents the development direction of artificial leather. Because it has the most similar properties of natural leather, with excellent wear resistance, excellent cold, breathable, anti-aging properties, it has been
respected and favored by big leather designers at home and abroad. The industrial production of artificial leather has been decades of history. With the continuous application of various new materials, its products are constantly updated. Leather fabrics from woven fabrics to today's non-woven fabrics, the resin used from PVC, acrylic resin to polyurethane (PU), the fiber is also from the ordinary chemical fiber to braided fiber and microfiber and other differentiated fiber. In terms of product style, artificial tanning has gone from low to high, from profiling to simulation, and its characteristics have even surpassed natural leather. Microfiber synthetic leather is developed on the basis of full analysis of natural leather. Microfiber Synthetic Leather is made of bundled microfiber and polyurethane after special processing. It is made of nylon microfibers similar in structure and performance to the bundled collagen fibers in natural leather, and made into a nonwoven fabric with a three-dimensional network structure. The polyurethane with an open microporous structure is then post-processed.
The advantages of microfiber synthetic leather are: high tear strength, high tensile strength, good folding endurance, good cold resistance, better mold resistance, thick and full finished products, good simulation, VOC (volatile organic compounds) content Low. The surface is easy to clean and its structure is similar to natural leather. However, it also has its shortcomings: Microfiber synthetic leather is a technological product, concentrated in the production and production of powerful domestic and foreign production companies, has a certain degree of monopoly, leading to high product prices.
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