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shoe upper leather is an important raw material for the production of shoes

Shoe leather is a raw material for making shoes. In the production of shoes, there are many materials for shoe upper leather, including leather upper leather,PU upper leather, PVC upper leather and so on. Leather leather uppers generally have leather (first layer, two or three layers, suede), sheepskin (first layer, second layer, suede), pigskin (first layer, second layer, suede), and horse skin, snake Leather and other leather is divided into yellow leatherand buffalo leather; sheep skin is divided into goat skin and sheep skin.
According to its hierarchy, there are the first layer, the second layer, and the third layer. According to its type, tanning mainly includes fox leather, goatleather, rabbit fur leather, and mink leather. Foxes are divided into blue foxes, silver foxes and red foxes; goats are divided into adult goats and immature goats. Hair is divided into grass yellow rabbits, rabbits, white rabbits, etc.; water lice are divided into male and female pupa.
There are many types of leather and tanning. Not listed completely here. The glossy leather in leather is used in many leather products, because the smooth surface leather has good strength, dirt resistance, abrasion resistance and good air permeability. Suede skin is not only elegant and generous in appearance, but also has good air permeability but is insufficient in that it is dirty and not well maintained. Especially in badenvironment, suede shoes are easy to inhale dust, and when the water meets the water, the hairiness will fall down again. There is a kind of leather called modified leather. The modified leather is made of leather on the surface, and it can be pressed with different lines. Some painted leathers are thick and have poor abrasion resistance and air permeability. Nowadays, leather shoes have a wide range of leather patterns and imitation of animal grain leather. Snakes, leopards, and zebra patterns are common. Dongguan's leather upper developed very well.
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