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Eco-friendly properties of waterborne eco-synthetic leather

  Water-based eco-synthetic leather Water-based polyurethane resin is an abbreviation of polyurethane. In a broad sense, it is an adduct of isocyanate. The hydrophilic groupis introduced into the prepolymer reacted with the polyol and is emulsified with water after salt formation to obtain a polyurethane emulsion.
  The synthesis mechanism is shown in Figure 1-1. After the polyurethane emulsion is compounded and processed according to the requirements of the syntheticleather manufacturing process, it becomes an aqueous slurry of synthetic leather. It can be seen from this that the waterborne polyurethane in the waterborneeco-synthetic leather and the oil-based polyurethane have both the essential similarities and the inevitable differences. From the same point of view, both adducts of isocyanate and polyol, that is, all contain carbamates that determine polyurethane properties. In this sense, its own physical properties are essentially the same. Due to the differences in chemical structure and solvent media properties, there are many differences. First, the waterborne resin must contain hydrophilic groups and hydrophilic segments, but oilyresins are not necessarily required. Second, the isocyanate in the aqueousresin reacts with water, so no isocyanate remains in the emulsion. In the oily polyurethane slurry, since the aqueous eco-synthetic leather resins are basically blocked by isocyanate, they all contain isocyanate residues.
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