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leather care need to pay attention to the following seven aspects

1 Due to the fact that the main component of the skin of pigskin is protein, it is easy to get damp, cicadas and worms. For this reason, when wearing leather clothing, avoid contact with oil, acid and alkaline substances.
2 leather clothing is best to wear often, and use a fine flannel wipe. If you experience moisture or mildew, use a soft dry cloth to wipe off water or mold. But do not rub it with water and gasoline, because water can harden the leather, and gasoline can cause the leather's oil to evaporate and crack.
3 leather clothing wrinkles, ironing fans can be ironed, the temperature can be controlled between 60-70 °C. When ironing, use a thin cotton cloth to line thehot cloth, and keep moving the iron.
4 Leather garments lose luster and can be glossed with leather polish. Do not rub with leather shoe polish. In fact, it is not difficult to polish the leather, as long as it is lightly rubbed on the leather with a cloth spot polish. Generally as long as every two to three years - the light, the field to keepthe leather soft and shiny, and can extend the service life.
5 If the leather clothing is torn or damaged, it should be repaired in time. If it is a small crack, you can spot the egg white at the crack and the crack canbe glued.
6 When the leather garment is not worn, it is best to use a hanger to pick it up; of course it is OK to put it on, but it should be placed on the top of otherclothing so as not to crush and wrinkle it and affect the appearance.
7 Leather garments should be air-dried before collection, can not be exposed to the sun, and can be ventilated in a cool and dry place. In order to keep the leather garments beautiful in appearance for a long time, a layer of milk or glycerin can be coated on the leather surface prior to storage so that it can be stored for a long time without discoloration. Grain leather: Among all kinds of leather products, full grain leather ranks first, because it is made from the finest raw materials with less disabilities. The leather surface is preserved in its natural state. The coating is thin and can show Out of the natural beautyof animal skin. It is not only wear-resistant but also has good air permeability. Tianhu series leather goods is the use of such leather as raw materials to produce high-quality leather products.
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