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Packaging leather products maintenance and cleaning methods

  We should pay attention to the maintenance and clean-up method of packaged leather products: To avoid high temperatures, excessive temperature will change theappearance ofsynthetic leather, and they will stick together.
  Leather products cannot be placed close to the stove, nor can they be placed next to the heating. In addition to being afraid of high temperatures, it is bestnot to place leather products in rooms where the temperature is too low. Because the temperature is too low or the cold air blows for a long time, the synthetic leather will be frozen,cracked and hardened. Humidity also affects leather products, so it cannot be placed in a high-humidity space. Humidity is too high to cause synthetic leather to develop and hydrolyze, damage the surface film, and shorten the service life. Toilets, bathrooms, and kitchens are not recommended for synthetic leather surfaces. decorations.
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