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Introduction of imitation leather and artificial leather by packaging leather manufacturers

  The natural leather (commonly known as the dermis) has natural pores and striae on the surface layer, and the upper joint is cut. From the surface to the inner layer is a process of change from firm to loose tissue with leather fibers.
  If you take a little light, it has a burning paste. The similarities between artificial leather and artificial leather are: comfort, breathability, flexibility, feel and appearance, etc., but the price is far lower than that of leather, packaging leather manufacturers, due to the progress of human civilization, animal protection A series of factors such as the strengthening of consciousness promoted the replacement of leather with artificialleatherette. Artificial leather is artificial leather, which is characterized by: smooth surface, soft touch, good air permeability, etc., a wide range of applications, in everyday life, common luggage handbags, fashion bags, handbags,sliding door decoration, photo album, sofa, seat Uses are made for sets, storage boxes, tissue boxes, business card boxes, etc.
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